Holistic Training


Balanced living aims to care for the person as a whole.

The  Body, Mind and Spirit are intricately connected and greatly affect each  other. When all three parts are given attention and developed together it has been my  personal experience that significant and lasting success comes with the  most amazing results.


Knowledgeable Training Expertise

With years of success and experience,  programs are created and led by Candise Wilde, a certified BCRPA personal trainer, yoga instructor, and passionate, enthusiastic personal cheerleader!  

My  holistic programs are designed to help you lose weight, build strength  and condition the body to a better standard of health. You will also be  supported to take time on your own to care for your mind and spirit  through setting non-fitness related goals to develop personal growth,  daily meditation for the mind, and weekly 7-day challenges to encourage  practice with positive thinking, joyful living, radiating kindness and  deepening relationships within your social circle.   



Flexible Personalized Programs

Every person's journey is different, and what works for some may not work for others. Does the  thought of meditating make you cringe a little? or the idea of adding in  more goals on top of your fitness ones feel like more than you have  time for? No problem!! There are tons of different ways to meditate  (sitting, walking, even colouring in colouring books) and  personal goals can be very small and simple. We will discuss together the ideas and philosophy of the program elements and together we will design a program that YOU are comfortable and excited about. 



Fee Schedule


Individual Training                                                Train with a friend
4 session pack - $240                                                 4 session pack – $150 each

8 session pack - $400                                                 8 session pack – $260 each
12 session pack - $480                                              12 session pack - $330 each


 It is recommended for effective training to book minimum one session per week


*email for pricing for groups of more than 2 people 

Independent Personal Training Program Design
First initial month  to include:
Assessment, 30 min training session and 4-week program  $100

Continuing months to include:
30 min training session and 4-week program    $75

 Independent Personal Yoga Program Design 

Personalized program design and 60 minute training session $60